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Kristin Elizabeth, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker
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My Story

Once upon a time, I was an insecure, self-doubting worrier, living in fear and uncertainty even when things were going right. That was then...


This is Now!

Today, I am a successful Certified Professional Llife Coach working with people just like you helping them transform their lives one degree at a time.



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I Get You
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There are a few things I want you to know:


I get that feeling stuck feels normal.

I get that watching from the sidelines feels safe.

I get that you are hoping you will wake up and just "have it."

I get that it's easier to wait for an answer or a sign that says now is the time.

I get that you just don't feel strong, certain and confident.

I get that you think you're the only one.

I get that you can't always put your finger on it.

I get it because I've lived it.


Let's work together to get you creating & commanding your confidence every single day of your life.


You Got This!  

“There’s no one path.  There’s every path.  Every path starts with this one moment.  Did you choose yourself for this moment?  Can you be bold?  Then all paths will lead to the same place.  Right now.”

-Dick Costello CEO of Twitter

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