I work with people just like you who are ready to choose themselves, engage with life and who have made the decision to embrace their values, develop their confidence and create balance in all areas of their lives so they can live the life they 've always wanted.


Are you ready to take the next step towards creating the life you really want and know you deserve?

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"I Know Me" Clearing the Way:

A Breakthrough in a Day

1-Day Intensive


Clear the way for a breathrough in just one day!

For people who want to know who they are being currently and who they want to be moving forward. This breakthrough VIP day is an opportunity to discover and remove the single biggest obstacle that’s been holding you back and creating a fast-track, personalized vision and strategy for “Knowing You “ and creating confidence.


"I Know Me" Clearing the Way 1-Day Intensive Includes:

* Discover Who You are Being

Discover who you are being and how you are currently showing up, as well as remove the single biggest block currently holding you back.


* Create a Vision and Strategy

Build a plan for moving forward with self confidence so that you can begin  making decisions that are best for you.


* “I Know Me” Online Assessment

Understand and assess your current level of self worth and confidence.


* Diving Deep Debrief

An in-depth review of your assessment results that will allow for fast action and direction.


* “I Know Me” Questionnaire

Sent to you before the  date of your 1-day intensive so that you can gather your  thoughts and prepare for your session.


* Support Materials

For your reference and support during your 1-day intensive.


* “I Know Me” Strategy Session Calls

Two, 30-minute 30 calls within 30 days of the completion of your1-day intensive to make sure you get the accountability and support you need to implement all that we covered.


Bonuses Include:

* Recording of your 1-day intensive session

* A complimentary invitation to my next in-home Exclusive Group Coaching Session

* An “I Know Me” Discovery Journal

* A special gift (Who doesn’t love chocolate?)


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