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I work with people just like you who are ready to choose themselves, engage with life and who have made the decision to embrace their values, develop their confidence and create balance in all areas of their lives so they can live the life they 've always wanted.


Are you ready to take the next step towards creating the life you really want and know you deserve?

"I Know Me" Building a Confident Mindset 90-Day Package


Who are you being? (Without confidence)
Who do you want to be? (With confidence)

My life’s purpose and passion is to help you create and command a confident mindset, and put a stop to over-thinking, self doubt and second guessing so that you can begin making strong, confident decisions and create balance in all areas of your life. Decision-making can be tough when you’re an over-thinker or if you lack self-confidence. You’re here and that says you’re ready to choose one of my two I Know Me coaching packages. I promise I’ll let you borrow some of my confidence until you feel ready to embrace your own!


" I Know Me " Premium Coaching Packages
Building a Confident Mindset Package (90 Days)

Designed to enable you to move forward with purpose, passion and a confident mindset, the “I Know Me” Premium Package is perfect for people just like you seeking the answers to the questions, “Who am I being and Who do I want to be?” 


Building a Confident Mindset Package Includes:

* " I Know Me " Online Assessment

An in-depth assessment designed to identify who you are being and how you are currently showing up, and measure your current level of consciousness and confidence.


* " I Know Me " Discovery Debrief

Highlights, your strengths and your desired direction. It measures your perceptions, energy, attitudes, behaviors and overall life leadership capabilities.


* Personalized Getting Started Session

An opportunity to get to know you and your unique story so that we can shine a light on anything that may be holding you back from the life you deserve.


* Discovery and Development Session

Focused on developing your core “I Know Me” mindset and confidence, designed to keep you on purpose towards achieving your desired results.


* " You Got This! " Sessions

Designed to review assignments, maintain accountability, and champion you and your progress as you experience break thoughs, support of your purpose and gain momentum toward your goals.


Assignments, Processes, and Tools

Developed to help you discover who you are being and who you want to be when moving forward with confidence, and valuing You.

* Areas of Confidence Wheel

*  Your Unique Image

*  Celebrating You

*  Identifying Your Patterns

*  Choosing Your Purpose and Passion


Bonuses Include:

* Unlimited email support when you need questions answered and confidence support.

* 911 calls - 15 minutes each (3) We all need a little redirect once in a while.

* Creating Confidence e-book

* Unlimited email support when you need questions answered and confidence support.

* Recorded visuals to remove blocks, fear, and overwhelm

* Meditations for clarity direction and purpose

* Access to private  " I Know Me " Facebook page

* Videos sent directly to your inbox to keep you going

* Newsletters for Knowing You and Building Confidence


Contact me today to learn more about how my 90-day "I Know Me" Buiding a Confident Mindset Package can help you develop, build, and maintain the confidence you've always wanted.

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