Be a Great Decision-Maker!


Are you a decisive person?

* No

* Yes

* Maybe

* I can’t decide


On a day when you are not feeling so great, when your confidence levels are low and you are feeling vulnerable, it can be difficult to trust your own judgement.


We all know what it’s like to have the following thoughts:

* Is this a good idea?

* Maybe it is…On the other hand, perhaps it isn’t.

* What if?


There are a couple factors that may, in fact, influence you. Life-changing decisions may stir up the people who share your life and this may be one of the reasons why it’s so difficult to make up your mind. Perhaps you can recall a time the decisions you made didn’t quite meet your expectations. Or you lack the confidence to trust yourself and what you feel is the right thing to do.


Making big life changes involves focus, commitment and the courage to follow your dreams. Sometimes when it’s hard to know which route to take you start asking others for their opinions, second guessing yourself or possibly staying stuck in fear resulting in a ‘no decision making’ pattern. But at some point you will have to stop listening to what others think, start trusting in yourself and begin taking action with confidence. If you truly want a happy ending, you are READY to put your needs first.

3 Steps to Making a Great Decision: IDA – Intend, Decide and Act


IDA is a simple formula that you can use whenever you are unsure about what to decide and therefore how to act.


Step 1: Intend

Discover your intention. Ask yourself, ‘What do I really want to happen? Be specific and write down your answers.

Step 2: Decide

Clarify your decision by asking yourself, ‘How do I make it happen?’ Brainstorm for ideas and get creative. New thoughts often emerge with this technique.

Step 3: Act

If you want a different result then you must change your behavior accordingly. Act assertively.


The Outcome

You will know that you have Chosen You and that You are your best decision maker.


You can’t act if you can’t decide how to act, and you can’t make a decision unless you have a clear intention. Live your life with no regrets!

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