Additional Speaking Topics

Identifying Your Core Values

Learn how having a conscious awareness of your values enables you to take positive action in your life.


Breaking Through Your Illusions

Look beyond who you see in the mirror and create a new point of view.


I Am. (You are already perfect.)

Learn how to love the skin you are in.


Managing Expectations

Discover how to managing expectations to create calm and confidence in your life.


Who are You Blaming?

Learn how to stop blaming yourself and others and develop self-acceptance.


Quit or Commit

Learn how to make a positive choices with no regrets.


Inner Critics That Hold You Back

Visualize, personalize, and tame your inner critic to be your confidence.

Mindset and Manifestation

Learn to open your mind and resist staying stuck.


Fearless Living

Getting clear on fear doesn’t have to be scary.


Loving Your Authentic Self

Step into the power of your true authentic self and shine.


Your Big Dream Starts with Happiness

Learn how to believe in and realize your dreams.


Interpretations Block Your Success

Identify what prevents you from living life with freedom, ease, and happiness.


Taking Things Personally

Discover the three golden rules for not taking things personally.


Forgive You

Better or bitter? You have the choice! The love starts with you.


Letting Go and Getting Going

Learn to let go of the past and claim your future.


Life Can Be a Roller Coaster

Take a mini-life review, recognizing the enjoyment and experiences along the way.


Being Present Gets You What You Want

Steps for fast tracking your goals.


Accepting Limiting Beliefs Limits You

Develop the power belief provides.


Assumptions are the Voice of Lies

How to get the past to stop controlling the future.

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