Your Authentic Self

Hi There!

I decided to step into what was a nervous fear: creating an email and sending it to you. :)

Yup, I wasn't sure I could figure this out, or that you would want to receive it. Silly! Of course I can figure it out, and of course you want to receive it. That's why you came to my Cafe in the first place. You wanted some answers, some insight, something that allows you to once and for all say, "I matter, I'm worth it, and I want more and better for my life because I deserve it." (That's what it takes, so I urge you to re-read that.)

I get that we all get busy, distracted and derailed Personal Development or Self-Betterment takes (ugh) work. Or at least commitment on your part. It takes one on my part, as well. So here I go. I will commit to sending out a weekly update on the topic and what it's about and how it will help you shift 1 degree. (Awesome!) I encourage you to commit to coming and hearing and experiencing that 1 degree. You have a choice.

From the bottom of my heart, I want better for you! If you don't, no one else will. OK. On with the topic for this Saturday...

Your Authentic Self

(What does that mean?)

That seems to be the new buzz word. It also happens to be one of my favorite words. But, what does it mean? It means being your true self. Authenticity is your ability to be in connection with your own true essence and then act in alignment from that place of peace. (All of the time, in any situation, even when you are by yourself.) It is having your intentions and your actions, your words, your deeds all working in concert with each other. In order to realize and understand who your true self is, you have to start by thinking about your own life. (Scary!)

CONFESSION: For a period of my life, I experienced a strong sense of disconnect. I felt numb within who I was, out of touch with others, and detached from my own life. (Yikes! It wasn't fun.) When I felt as though I didn't have the energy to continue to look and to figure it out, I quit, I surrendered and I felt incredibly broken down.

Something to ask was, "Am I being authentic in my life? Am I actively living my purpose and passion"" Did I even know what that was and how on earth was I going to figure it out (Initial answer: Hell no!) Speed up to today: I figured it out, I'm full on living (Finally!) Authentically.

  • I love what I do!

  • I have passion for it! (KEY!)

  • I know my life's purpose (to help YOU and others get on track). Priceless!

  • I know that I have to stay focused, raise my standards constantly, keep in a positive state and surround myself with people that want more than settling out of life. They want their uniqueness to shine!

  • It takes commitment and (shhhh....) WORK!

How you do this:

  • Let go of the past (all of the things you hold onto). Guilt, shame, failures, doubts and embarrassing moments.

  • Recognize times you didn't feel Authentic and identify why.

  • Phew! Then let them gooooooo. What's done is done.

  • Decide what Authentic Self truly is for YOU!!!! Yes, for YOU!

  • Take one powerful, purposeful step towards Authentic. One degree shift is all you need to make a huge impact on your life!

Authenticity goes beyond the label, the intention, the belief. It goes straight to the heart! And it does not falter. Authenticity is a state of mind, an honest-to-God state of mind. Your inner state creates your outer state!

Bottom Line:

"Our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive and express what we really are."

- Don Miguel Ruiz


Come figure out who your Authentic Self truly is. It started one the day you were born, now let's find out why. Bring a friend! This week, within the first ten minutes, we will be knee deep in an exercise that will get you feeling connected to your Authentic Self.

Shift your thoughts, beliefs and passions 1 degree at a time and you will make a complete 360. I promise!

See you Saturday!


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