Your Dreams

This Saturday's Topic: YOUR DREAM!

Dreams have a process and I may not present it with quite this much passion (see the video below). However, I will deliver Saturday's Cafe with that much conviction! Because I BELIEVE!

Your dream or daring to = You BELIEVE!!

Believing, unwaavering in its totality + Patience and Engagement (it may not come just when you want it, but Believe and Engage and it will come) + CONSISTENT ACTION! You must do it over and over and over again to produce a result! You will fail, doubt, be fearful, but you can succeed because you BELIEVE you must succeed! That my friend is having and creating a dream.

The catch, the DREAM isn't a destination.

To sustain dream you have to have passion and HAPPINESS! Yes, happiness! Happiness is truly about being present and in the moment (yeah, yeah), but it's true! If you stay in the right here, right now, you can maintain your Happy! Once you are able to do that, you are able to focus on that dream and actualize it, follow through even when it gets touch, because you believe and you are happy.

What does it take on your part?

Action! One step, one shift, one moment to DECIDE it's time, to decide you're worth it and that you can! Those whose dreams come true aren't different from you and I. They aren't any more special or privileged. They have faith, patience, belief and commitment. The fears show up, the doubt kicks in, but they kick back and push forward.

Shifting 1 degree at a time will do the same as those that live their DREAM! Shift 1 degree at a time and you will have done a 360 in under a year, and that dream will come true.

It's up to me to show up and deliver 110% That's about my dream! It's up to you to show up because you want yours. I invite you to DREAM and watch the video. Be inspired!



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