The Blame Game

The Blame Game: Count me out cuz it's not much fun!

Shhhh...Yes, I blame myself (and others!) for what I'm doing in my life! It's no game. In fact, blame isn't a topic to be taken lightly.

Are you blaming a busy schedule, work, money or me for not coming to Cafes on Saturdays?

I get it. I totally get that it's hard to do what's good for us, and that blaming everyone and everything around us is easier. Like going to the gym or keeping up with a healthy lifestyle or trying to drink enough water while practicing gratitude. None of it is easy, but who said the great things in life are? Who ever promised you ease? Who ever taught you to blame yourself and everyone else around you for your short comings, perceived laziness, or any of the things you put blame on?

The Blame Game is definitely something you should avoid.

Bow out and fold your hand. It isn't fun, but it's very real. We do it daily. That car, she said, my boss, my sister, my husband, that guy, that taxi driver, my friend, sugar, the government, the sneaky food makres...I could go on and I bet you could, too!


Remember, blame is always about not looking within yourself for what's amazing and great or what could stand a little bit of self-truth. Looking at what it is you truly want, that step that will create that fabulous Happiness we all want, without the fear inviting you to play The Blame Game.

Here's something you may not have considered...

When you are constantly blaming someone else, or even worse, yourself, the only thing you are accomplishing is keeping the focus off you when you are looking for external reasons to explain your happiness or frustration. Many people live through their lives blaming themselves for just about everything that happens. We all go through life making mistakes, but it is how you respond to these mistakes that will make a difference in the person you become.

My call to action request to you.

Stop blaming yourself and everyone and everything else around you. Blame is not a solution, it's an excuse. Recognize just how often you do it between now and Saturday morning. The reall challenge: get the hell out of bed, jammies and all, and come in and share the blame with me and others that may be doing the same. Learn 3 steps to stop playing and start doing. Shifting out of some of the games, rituatls, and beliegs that you have been living with takes actions, intent and you. Not taking action leaves you holding the bag of blame.

P.S. I can't blame you if you don't come. I can only show up living 100%. No blame there!

My special offer to you this week: Pay what you can. If you think it's worth it and you can pay the regular fee, great. It's $35.00 if you want to Stop the Blaming. It's money. Pay what you can. If I can improve what I'm doing and create greater value, share that as well

Please go easier on yourself. You deserve that. :)

See you Saturday!

Kristin Elizabeth

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