EXPECTATIONS! One of the single most painful things we do to OURSELVES!

The proverbial blessing in disguise comes from NOT having an expectation!

Every one of us has had experiences in our lives where in the moment of something happening, it looks and feels like the worst thing in the world. And yet, one week, two weeks, a year down the road, you've turned around and said, "THAT was the best thing that has ever happened to me! I couldn't be happier."

Having expectations, wanting things to work out the way you want them to, getting someone else to see it your way, making judgments, all causes us pain. It hurts us because we have shifted our focus from the inner energy of why we want something to what's the outcome and how can I control it? Why doesn't this bring joy and happiness? Why don't expectations work out the way "we" want them to? Because you are interfering with the process that may in fact be the beginning of one of the most woderful experiences of your life!

How many times has this been your experience?

What looks big is small, what looks frightening is safe, what looks safe will be frightening - quite frankly, everything is upside down. Life is a journey where we get turned upside down.

Life is the journey of becoming reversed

In this process, if you think about that and about the dynamics that begin to happen to you in life, and you think, "This looks like it's going to be the biggest failure," that should be your signal that something amazig and successful is unfolding here. Then you say, "I am choosing not to interfere with this. I will do the best I can and let go of the outcomes, and I will give up the need to know why things are happening the way they are."

Giving up the need to know why things happen as they do will save you from the painful cycle of "Why?"

This particular little demand, to know why things happen as they do, is without a doubt one of the most painfu, painful demands of the human experience. Join me Saturday and discover 1 degree you can shift, one thought on why "the Why" causes pain and how to avoid it!

It doesn't take a whole lot to create big changes in your life, it takes choice. Making the choice to learn one thing that may shift your life 1 degree for YOUR better! If you like what I'm sharing, share me on your favorite social media. Share my newsletters with friends, colleagues or family members. It's the message that may inspire them. Contribution (6th human need) is vital for growth. :)

Bring a friend to the next Cafe!

Friends provide support, friends create energy, friends need friends! Grab lunch afterwards, hit the beach. A little secret about this work, like attracts like. People that want better are best when they surround themselves with better! Example: You and I hanging on Saturday. We make each other better!

See you Saturday! 10am Open Space Studios in Tillett Gardens for Kristin Elizabeth "Transformational Coaching." Get your sexy truth on!

*There will no Cafe on Saturday, November 29th. Happy Thanksgiving with my family!

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