Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity to give thanks in so many ways, for so many things.

It's an opportunity to be with family, friends, and people you can share a moment or a day with and reflect on just how much we all have and cherish. I'm super excited and grateful to be heading up to the States in order to share this holiday with my loved ones and a bonus, Patrick's as well. I'm a huge fan of the holidays here in St. Thomas, and find myself torn when I leave for there is no tighter community than the one we have here!

My holiday hope for you is that you give thanks, share thanks, and reflect on all that you have AND all that you have done to create that one degrgeeof shift in your life, of self-betterment, over the past 19 weeks of the Coaching Cafe.

What a I most thankful for?

Great question! My answer is YOU! The gratitude that I have for you, for you showing up (on a Saturday after a late night...), for trusting in me and even bigger than that, is for trusting in you! For that I am heartfelt in giving thanks!

Something to think about over the Cafe of my absence:

What one thing, what one degree would you be willign to shift that will have you thinking ahead to the year 2015 with anticipation? Not just on January 1st, but for the entire year and for the rest of the years to come?

It's never about a resolution. This year it will be about a revolution, a personoal decision that YOU mke that says "I want XYZ and this is why!" The "why" is the key.

Keep posted for what's to come as Kristin Elizabeth Coaching will resume on December 6th at 10a.

Safe travels to those of you heading up and out, and warms sands to those staying here!

All My Thankful Love,



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