Holiday Story

Does this picture look like YOU?

I have to admit I looked something like that last week while up in the States visiting family and "preparing" for the holidays to come. As I look to the holiday season that is now upon us, I can't help but think...What could possibly make this season and the New Year the best EVER?

Answer: ME!

So what's THAT supposed to mean?

Simple. I can make or break any situation I experience. I can choose to make the most of it and decide that I in fact hold the keys to success and the experiences I have in my life.

Holidays can be rough, and life feels incredibly stressful when it's supposed to be nothing but good will and cheer Parties, expenses, travel, loneliness, family conflicts heightened, drinking, over spending, and lots of junk food with my favorite (ha ha) massive sugar! let's not forget that a "resolution" is days after.

Back to last week and the above picture...

As a coach with lots of coach friends, (did I mention lots?), I saw what I believe to be a tone of how to de-stress your holidays blog posts. Examples:

Take time for yourself

Spend less

Make smart food choices

Avoid getting run down

Ha! Tips, sure, but is it really that simple? If it was, you would have applied some of those strategies to all of the holidays past.

This got me goes deeper than "do this and don't do that." It goes back to your beginning story at your family holidays. Perhaps dinner on Christmas Eve, one present under your pillow, or an Aunt that wasn't so nice, and your mother asking you if you're "really wearing that outfit" for the family pictures because it makes you look fat.

We all have a "story"

Beliefs that have been programmed since childhood and adolescence that have created out current reactions and attitudes toward certain experiences. These reactions determine the outcomes to everything and expectations top it all off like a shiny bow on a top of a package.

It all starts with your Core Story.

Not your Christmas or Hanukkah stotry, but your Core Story. Our Core Story made us who we are today, and the good news is that we can use our Core Story to positively transform our lives. DON'T WAIT FOR JANUARY 1 TO REWRITE!

Join me Saturday so that you can:

  • Get clear on your current story

  • Decide what you may be holding onto that is no longer serving you

  • Discover what past beliefs are fueling your fears and insecurities

  • Write a new chapter from which to move forward

Maybe you had a great childhood with very little turmoil, and you are a shining example of the Brady Bunch, but you struggle to find passion and purpose in your life. Maybe you find it hard to deal with challenge and change, or maybe you can't seem to find balance or peace of mind. You know what it would take to make you happy. Your Core Story is an important first step, but it's only the beginning of the greatness to come. Take the steps to create the life you truly want. Now!

What a great time of year to gift a friend a Coaching Cafe. It's never about changing someone, it's about inspiring!

See you Saturday!

Holiday Love to YOU,


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