I Can't Begin To Describe....

...How nervous I got this weekend!

For those of you who may not have caught my video on Facebook this past Monday, I finally got up the courage to:

  1. Record myself (no makeup!!)

  2. Post it on Facebook

Now, this may not seem like a BIG deal to some, but for me it was taking a chance, it was about being willing to put myself out there and yes, to dare. Dare to step fully into who I am and who I want to be! Two things had to happen in order for me to make that video:

  1. I had to take action and push "record" on my video camera

  2. I had to get my Mindset in alignment with my soul, me, my inner superhero!

Once I did that, the fear was gone, the worry vanished, the confidence was solid, and I knew without question I was back on track with my purpose! Nothing could hold me back once those crazy stars aligned!

How did that happen?

Before I tell you my secret, allow me to get a little "real" with you, spare you the "sugar." I get scared, I get distracted, nervous and stuck! I will avoid at all costs when I am presented with something new. I will beat myself up for not being smart enough, or for wasting precious time daydreaming.

I am not perfect. I get asked, or "told," countless times during the week via various forms of connection that I must not know what it's like to be stuck, scared, uncertain, overwhelmed and afraid! I have news for you: I just admitted that I do. Because I DO!! But here is what coaching has done for me and what changing my Mindset to Confidence has done for me. It's why I'm able to help others get Happy, Healthy, Hot, and Confident!

It has allowed me to own my sh*t! I have literally changed my Mindset so that I can stop all the things that have held me back in the past and get busy. It's not easy, but it is so worth it! If you are reading this and haven't been to a Cafe in a loooong time (or not at all), then there is a good chance your Mindset hasn't changed, that you haven't changed, and your current situation hasn't changed. I'm also willing to bet you thoought that by making that one- or two-time investiment that you should somehow have magically been "healed" of all that ails you. Sorry, it doesn't work that way.

What DOES work and what worked for me so that I was able to upload that video?

Shifting my Mindset to "I can" and "I will" because it is my purpose. It is my contribution to the world. It is me and my truth when I am not being the victim and buying into what I'm afraid of.

Life is all about creating a MINDSET that will allow you to have CONFIDENCE so that you can be the superhero you are meant to be in this world. Your liffe, your Mindset, your Confidence does not change by sitting at home, by playing small, by making excuses or by thinking you aren't worth the time or investment. (Trust me, that's what I thought about myself for years!)

You will go the farthest when you are willing to Dare!

Join me Saturday, throw on your cape, and commit to being the one who is willing toDare! I am making the video of my life and it will be one of legacy not of regret! How about you?

In case you missed it, here's the video.

Here's to your sweet truth! All my love and more to come,

Kristin Elizabeth

P.S. If you can't, it's because you think you can't. (And you're right.)


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