You Can't Buy it at the Grocery Store

Thats OK , because you can't buy Confidence - you have to create it!

Hey there, Amazing YOU!

Before I go cart in to this week's Cafe, I wanted to extend a HUGE thank you for those that took the time (we're all busy) to take my survey. I would thank you personally, however the responses came to me anonymously. So, Thank You! It was an amazing opportunity for me to really take a look at what it is you truly want and how I can help you get it. My intention!

One wish that ran steady through the survey responses was confidence. Whether to make stronger decisions, make decisions without fear or second guessing getting in the way, or to simply feel confident in where you are at this stage of your life and confidently choosing you.

I get it!! Confidence, or the lack thereof, can be a big, fat kick in the cart! Here's the thing: you can't buy it (Well, kind of. I coach it...) OK. so you can't buy it off the shelf in the grocery store. You can't pic it like your apples and eggs or a fat, juicy steak.

So where DO you get Confidence?

Let me answer that for you. You create it! Yup! You create it. The fastest way to get that process started is by taking a look at all that you have done, your experiences BIG and small, and realize that you did it! You made them happen! You succeeded. Being able to say, "I did it!" is one of the fastest ways to build confidence.

Does it mean that there won't be any worry or stress because you have done it before, or that doubts and insecurities won't surface? Heck no!! Two things it does mean:

  1. You did it before = You can do it again

  2. When you develop the inner "I got this" muscle, you will have created Confidence

It's OK to get a little freaked out.

Now imagine being able to come to a decision quickly. Imagine not having to ask your sister, mother, and five friends for advice about what you should do, and not worrying about your decision after you've made it.

Join me Saturday as we cover what you can do to increase your inner "I got this" confidence, along with steps and strategies to get you taking Confident action that will have you going in the direction you want, allowing you to decide you don't want indecision guiding you any longer.

By the way: If you want to fight me to maintain your insecurities, I'll let you keep them. (But why would you?)

Results come from showing up and taking action. Period!

Watch my video for a super awesome tip on where to get some Confidence.

Learn what it takes so that you can teach your kids to be confident!

Kristin Elizabeth

P.S. The real breakthroughs don't happen by thinking about them, they happen because you experience them.

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