Change is Always Good!

Change can start out feeling super scary.

There's one thing you know if you've been coming to my Cafes, it's that Fear is an indication of great things to come!

Great things are in the air.

Let me first start with a big Thank You! Thank you for coming to the Cafes an for loving yourself enough to show up and be present. (Not always easy.) Thank you as well for trusting me to inspire and create awareness allowing you to shift one degree at a time. With every season there is a turn, and the turn has come. Not for dying, rather for growth.

I will no longer be holding the weekly Cafes.

Why, you ask? Great question! For starters, I've been listening to what you've been asking for, and that's more More of what you love and more of some amazing results. Keep your eyes out as I have in the works the premium offeringsw of 4 and 6-week private group masterminds. Masterminds allow us to focus as a group on a particular topic, dive in, create shifts, and follow up with accountability. Nutshell = Results!

You will still receive inspiration and awareness, but you will now be offered the opportunity to take your game to the next level. Coaching is about shifting energy, choosing an action and following through. There is nothing more exciting that applying what you hear and using it. (Not much point in learning to ride a bike if you don't ride it!)

Then there's the OTHER great news!

I will still do a once-a-onth Exclusive at my home. I can't say enough how much I love this stuff and helping people to confidently step into their true self. Especially in a place I love: my home. This month's Exclusve will be on Tuesday, February 25th. Look for a separate email to arrive with the topic and details.

In gratitude.

While holding a space of gratitude, I'd like to take a moment and give a HUGE thanks to Viv at Open Space Studios for providing a calm, peaceful and beautiful place for the Cafes. Viv, we wish you the best!

I'd also like to give a shout out and a "Yahoo!" to Amy Gibbs for expanding her Art Explorium into the Open Space Studios space. Again, to every season there is a turn. Go Amy! It's your turn to shinE

I am so excited to be moving into the serious shakeup of 2015! I feel and see nothing but amazing stuff to come.

Whatever it is, own it!

Owning your stuff, choosing to get clear, wanting more, desiring confidence, or simply wanting to feel like you belong in your own skin ALL OF THE TIME is my mission for 2015. To help you get there. I will be honest, wanting that and taking steps to have that are miles apart.

What creates the gap? Fear.

What closes the gap? Confidence. The very thing we all want but are afraid to go after.

Confidence is tricky, as we may sometimes rock it in one area of our lives and only imagine having it in others. I used to imagine it in every area, but was too afraid to do anything about it until just four years ago. Confidence may elude me now and again, but it sure doesn't wreak havoc on my life, take me out of my game, and have me feeling out of balance, stuck or overwhelmed any longer. (It took commitment and work to get here!)

The one -on-one coaching packages I offer create a space that allows you to borrow my confidence until you feel like you can rock your own. It allows you to get clear on perhaps the smallest (yet largest) of obstacles and MOVE them. Perhaps most importantly, to value your values, ditch second guessing and self-doubt, and to utilize the concept of life balance so that you can confidence no matter the situation.

Shut up! Can you imagine a life without second guessing, worry, or never feeling quite good enough? Imagine it!

I can't say this often or loudly enough: you get to CHOOSE every single day how you want to show up and how you want your day (all you have) and your life to go down. One degree at a time daily will have you 360'd in under a year. For many of you it's been decades with little turn around. Maybe it's time for you, too, to take a turn.

My offer to you!

At the request of a couple of regular Cafe attendees, I'm inviting you to pull together a group of your core friends, dream up your ideal toic, and I will come to your amazing home. Nothing better than people you love hanging out with all being inspired together. (Price based on number of attendees.)

Here's to your sweet truth! All my love and more to come,

Kristin Elizabeth

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